Paul Potts Has Plenty to Smile About, and What a Smile it is!

… and soon he could have a whole lot more. Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts is reported to be considering spending a good chunk of his prize money – after paying off his £30,000 debts - on a set of new teeth. His front teeth, broken in an accident some years ago, make him feel very awkward.

"I'd like to deal with the teeth because I do feel very self-conscious about them," he explained. "It'd be nice to feel less self-conscious and to be able to smile with confidence,” he told

But he’s ‘not sure about veneers”, he voiced his doubt to the Daily Mail.

Paul hasn’t had a lot to smile about in the past in a life plagued by bullies and ill-health. Those years of hardship have sapped Paul Potts of his self-confidence so that even now he isn’t sure of his capability to change – or even if he should.

"I'm not sure about veneers but I do want to get the crown repaired. It would be nice to be able to smile naturally. I feel very self conscious about it at the moment. But whatever happens, I still remain an ordinary bloke. I am no better than other people - I just happen to have a different talent." (

It’s that kind of gentle modesty that endeared Paul Potts to the public so that we took him right to our hearts where he touched us with his wonderful music.

Don’t expect a complete makeover, either. Paul Potts is adamant he will not be buying fancy suits like Simon Cowell's. He told in an interview after he won Britain’s Got Talent, "I vividly remember that doing that first audition in my cheap £35 Tesco suit and seeing Simon Cowell sitting there in his Armani.

"I don't think I'll ever wear it again but it will always be a reminder of where I was and where I attempt to remain - except in better clothes.”

Paul Potts is going up in the world – now he’s graduated to Burton’s suits but he says he’s not bothered about the right labels and we certainly won’t see him hanging out in trendy restaurants and clubs.

Paul Potts just thinks “It'd be nice to feel less self-conscious and to be able to smile with confidence.”

Well, maybe now’s the right time to get those teeth fixed because Paul Potts is going to have a lot to smile about very soon.