Paul Potts Bags Record Deal Ė Actually its 15 Deals!

Paul Potts did more than win a TV talent show the night he bagged the top prize and £100,000 in ITVís Britainís got Talent. He became an international singing sensation, thanks to the internet. Paul Pottsí rousing rendition of Nessun Dorma became within hours the most viewed clip on YouTube Ė and it held that position for a while! More than 15 million people worldwide have watched his winning performance on YouTube alone.

The Metro magazine now reports that the people overseas who fell in love with Paul Potts and his powerful voice full of romance will not be deprived of his wonderful singing for long. Paul Potts is reported to be having his debut album released in no fewer than fifteen countries! Thatís surely amazing for someone who such a short time ago sold mobile phones and merely dreamed of having a classical singing career. Simon Cowell from Sony BMG has signed Paul Potts up to record his first CD called 'One Chance'

Now Paul Potts has signed deals to release his Paul Potts album 'One Chance' in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, Germany, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Ireland and the UK.

Of course, it includes Nessun Dorma, the song which Paul Potts performed on the show to rapturous applause and ultimate victory.

"To have been given the opportunity to make an album of the songs I adore is such an honour. Music has been my passion throughout my life and to have the chance to share that is just incredible," he told Metro.

The 36-year-old signed a £1 million record deal with Britain's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell after winning the ITV1 contest.

Movie bosses are also keen to put Paul Pottsí story on the big screen. It will surely have more twists and turns and more tragedy in it than many blockbusters as bullied schoolboy with a troubled home-life Paul Potts rose above illness and debt to drag himself up by his boot strings to grab an album deal in fifteen countries and thatís surely only the beginning. Paul Potts has come an awful long way, but he has far to go with that talent Ė and letís hope he now gets to enjoy every single step of the way.

His Biggest fan website PaulPottsOpera will follow the story every step of the way!