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Bob Cypher

Bob Cypher, a long-standing journalist with the South Wales Echo, takes a broad view of the world in Blogdotcom. In it, he promises arguments, controversies, internet and computer-related news, views, websites and reviews of soft, firm and hardware. And if that isn't enough, he's throwing in athletics titbits and people's top 10 songs for good measure. To find out more, read Blogdotcom.



Megan is half-Welsh ? but it?s the wrong half. She?s young ? but only at heart. She?s angry, inspired, baffled, heartbroken and amazed by this life she?s ended up living. The hive of bees in her bonnet you?ll be invited to inspect include: ?Welsher-than-thou?s; Bratzy girls; terminally middle-aged people; ?Me Me Me? man; helpless females; da yoof and the tragically planned obsolescence that is motherhood. 'Just living is heroic,' she says. 'It?s boring and terrifying at the same time. I deserve a medal, and so do you.' To find out more, read Crashed in Cool Cymru.


Hannah Harris

Hannah moved to the land of the hotpot (Lancashire) three years ago from South Wales to pursue her dream of being a journalist. Now, three years on, she's in her final few months of a journalism degree. Somehow, in all that time, she hasn't lost her beloved accent which regularly gets mocked by her classmates - but she's very proud to be a Welshy in England. Hannah will be writing about the run-up to the final few months of her degree, the stress of her exams and about her work experience on her local paper. To find out more, read Lil Miss Welshy In England.


Neil (Jock) Greer

Jock writes: 'A by-election was called in the ward where I live. After a newspaper plea for more candidates, I said to my wife: "Someone, somewhere has got to do something better than what we are getting now." And so I entered the world of politics. I got spanked - but I was excited to bursting. I licked my wounds and sat down and put the top 10 issues into a newletter and went back round the doors taking up the issues, helping people. So here I am today standing as an Independent candidate at this year's Assembly elections for Merthyr and Rhymney. I could write a book on life's pains, ups and downs, but I genuinely just love people.' To find out more read: Taking issue


Becky Davies

Rebecca Davies has tried everything to give up smoking. From patches to plastic cigarettes - and even hypnotherapy - the 32-year-old Echo reader still hasn?t been able to ditch her 20-a-day habit. But from Monday, 2 April - as the nation goes non-smoking - Royal Mail worker Becky has pledged to quit her 13-year habit for good. In The Reluctant Quitter she shares her rough ride to smoke-free heaven with you.



Originally from South Wales, Robguv currently works as an English teacher in South Korea. As the title suggests, this 26-year-old will be blogging about the quirks and charms of life in a distant land. A big football fan, he'll also be giving insights into his homeland - Wales. He's also keen to stimulate debate and make people think about things in different ways. Want to find out more? Then read Land of Quirk and Charm


Election Eye

Been promised the moon on a stick lately? You could well be the victim of Wales' politicians' latest craze: campaigning. Separate the truth from fiction with the help of the Echo's political team as the 2007 Assembly election gets into full swing. In Election Eye we're profiling the politicial battles where you live, analysing the parties' stances on the issues that matter and providing regular updates from the campaign.


Dennis Coughlin

Some may consider Dennis to be a cynical old man, however he prefers the description of an old romantic who's constantly disappointed. He's interested in most of the contentious topics such as politics, religion and sport, and is not afraid of expressing himself if so moved. He's lived in Cardiff all his life except for the five years in the RAF in his youth, and recent stints teaching English and travelling in Asia and South America. Expect some worldly wisdom in the Peter Collins' Fan Club.


The Egg Chaser

I am a freelance writer among other things, living in Wales, with an unhealthy obsession with Welsh Rugby. For the last few years I have been afflicted with recurring dreams revolved around the politics and people of Welsh Rugby, as well as the dark arts of the game itself. Questions such as; Where is the Number 10 factory in the valleys and will it be relocated in Poland? And did the people of Ponypool believe it when Graham Price scored? My therapist has suggested a blog to alleviate these symptoms or at least inflict them on an unsuspecting public. To find out more, read Talking Rugby Balls



'It's quite difficult to book a table for dinner in south Wales with a surname like mine,' says Dan Jones. The 25-year-old Welshman is currently living in Cairns, Australia , where it's hot. Really hot. He has an incredibly close family whom he loves dearly so moving to Australia was really hard for him. 'On the plus side, I have a beautiful wife-to-be by my side who I will be marrying later this year' he says. His key interests are music, his guitar, extreme kite flying, mountain boarding, travelling and web-surfing for useless information. He's travelled around the world three times and loves travelling and everything that goes with it. Read Time's Running Out to find out more.


Paul Potts

If anyone had told Paul Potts this time last year that he'd one day be stopped in the street by adoring fans, begging him to sing for them, he'd have laughed. If they'd told him that millions of people around the world would be posting messages on the Internet, describing how moved they had been by his performances and asking how they could get hold of
his debut album, he'd have thought they'd gone barking mad.

But those seemingly ridiculous pipe dreams are now a reality for this quietly unassuming 36-year-old who, thanks to his victory in the finale of ITV1's talent show Britain's Got Talent, has become the most famous former mobile phone salesman in the country! And with his debut album released on Monday 16 July - the fastest ever album release in history - the hysteria surrounding Paul will only get more fevered.

In his blog, Paul Potts, an incredible journey - EXCLUSIVE to icWales - Paul will be sharing his thoughts on his meteoric rise to fame and giving an insight into the busy schedule of a star-in-the-making.


Chris Wathan

Chris Wathan is soccer writer with Wales' only Sunday national newspaper. His brief with Wales on Sunday sees him monitor the goings on with John Toshack's international side while keeping his finger on the pulse of all the Welsh Coca-Cola league clubs. Read The Goal Post to find out more.


Paul Ryan

Paul grew up in Cardiff, but has also lived in Swansea and Aberdare. Despite spending half his life away from the Principality, he still regards South Wales as 'home'.

He met his wife, Sally, while working in London's financial district and like many people they became disenchanted with the weather, commuting and occupations. So in March they relocated to the coastal town of Calpe, on Spain's Costa Blanca. They renovated a villa which they have let to Scandinavian holidaymakers of dubious personal hygeine. Renting the house has meant a further move, to the Jalon Valley, a rustic wine-growing region a few miles inland, that is almost completely colonised by elderly, ex-pat Brits.

They have have a nine-week-old son, Alfie, so their lives currently revolve around a constant routine of feeding, nappy changes and sterilisation.

In stark contrast to his previous career, Paul maintains gardens and cleans swimming pools for a living. To the dismay of his friends back home however, he has not seen any naked women during the course of his new employment. To find out more read Who ate all the paellas?


Joanna Davies

Joanna is a journalism major at Auckland University of Technology, completing her final semester. She moved with her family to NZ about 11 years ago, and has found herself stuck somewhere in-between the Kiwi and Welsh cultures. Although she feels a little lost about where she fits in, she still supports Wales when they play the All Blacks and believes she's an expert on the things New Zealand and Wales have in common. To see if she's right, read Taffy in NZ.


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