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Paul Potts Passione - The new album from Paul Potts
Paul Potts Passione - The new album from Paul Potts

Paul Potts Passione CD Album Title:  Paul Potts ‘Passione’

Paul Potts achieved worldwide accolades for his first album, One Chance. Now that Paul is preparing to release the next CD, we are all waiting with baited breath! It is a future classic for sure. It is titled 'Passione'.

It is set for official release. Passione, the new album, has the following tracks confirmed:


1) La Prima Volta (First Time Ever I Saw Your Face)

2) Sei Con Me (There For Me) Featuring Hayley Westernra

3) Un Giorno Per Moi (A Time For Us)

4) Il Canto

5) Senza Luce (A Whiter Shade Of Pale)

6) Piano (Memory)

7) Mamma

8. Tristesse

9) Bellamore

10) E Lucevan Le Stelle

After Paul Potts won Britain's Got Talent and the ‘Pavapotti’ buzz was hyped by media outlets around the world, there was no doubt that a Paul Potts Album would be forthcoming. At the end of his winning performance on Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell told Paul Potts that he would be in the studio the next week to start the recording of his first CD album. The Paul Potts Album was one of the quickest to be produced and it was released a few short weeks after the BGT final. Paul Potts 'One Chance' was released in the UK on July 16th and in the USA on July 23rd.

Paul Potts was the eventual WINNER of Britain's Got Talent (BGT). 1.56 million people (55% of total UK viewing public) watched his Grand final performance. His original BGT audition on YouTube, has been watched by over 15 million people - setting YouTube history & has taken the world by storm. Buy Paul Potts CD!