Official Paul Potts Website Links


Here are the links to the official Paul Potts Websites. They are maintained by his record company (Sony BMG) and are the source of his personal blog entries, news and tour information.


Official Paul Potts Website:

The Official Paul Potts contains his blog, music releases, news, biography, tour details, photos, audio, videos and a page to leave comments for him. The Paul Potts website is maintained by Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.


Paul Potts Official MySpace page:

The Paul Potts My Space page has two of his songs (Nessun Dorma and Time to Say Goodbye at present) for visitors to listen to, and it allows MySpace friends to leave comments for him. Also contains a brief bio and some photos.


Official Paul Potts YouTube Channel:

The Paul Potts Youtube channel contains several videos of him recording his album 'One Chance' and he has several other Paul Potts You tube classics as favorites. The video of his edition has become one of the most watched videos on Youtube ever! 15 million views and counting!

Sony BMG website for the Paul Potts Album 'One Chance':

The Paul Potts Music site contains Paul's tour details, a few different videos, and the Paul Potts journal/blog. The Paul Potts blog on this site has different entries to that on the Official Paul Potts Website.


Paul Potts page on the Sony BMG site:

Basic info about Paul, his albums and has audio of Nessun Dorma.


Original Biography before he became a star! The Bath Opera website:

Contains a biography for his Aida performance.