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This Paul Potts Fan Website is maintained by one of Paul's biggest fans. About a year ago I started learning about how to make web sites and web site maintenance. Before this site I had never really produced what I think is a good website. I must admit, I was not very good at it! After watching THAT Paul Potts Youtube video, I was quite moved (as most of us were), so it was then I had the idea to make my first website about Paul Potts! It was quite obviously really, because when I looked for information about him, I could not find any! He was so new to us all.

I must admit, my first attempt was not so good, but then again, I have had no formal IT or design education. It had a lot of good information, but the website design was pretty bad! Well, come on, I was only learning!  However, to my surprise, I did get a lot of traffic.  So it was due to this traffic I decided to upgrade. I thought if there were still many fans wanting the information about Paul Potts, AND if they were coming to my site, I should provide something better! So what you see now is my second attempt at developing a decent Paul Potts website! And I think I am getting better at this game ;) I think this is the beginnings of a Paul Potts Fan Club.


I have tried to collate into one site, all news and media available about Paul Potts for his loyal supporters. Probably like yourself, I was amazed with his first audition, and have been a dedicated supporter ever since. He truly is a reluctant hero taking opera to millions!



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If you wish to 'Contact Us', offer me some encouraging words, constructive criticism or suggestions for the site, I have set up an email address so you can now contact me. Click here for the contact details. Thanks in advance, I appreciate the time you take to write.




Do I know Paul Potts?

No, but I hope some day to get the chance to meet him. I look forward to his concert and will wait around for the chance to say hello then.


Is this a commercial site?

No, it is not. I am just an individual spending many hours of my personal time following the latest Paul Potts news and taking on the challenge of maintaining a good website about a topic I enjoy.  Unfortunately this costs a lot of time and money (hosting, domain, development support). I have to pay for it somehow in order to keep it going, so instead of just asking for donations, I thought it would be better to give fellow fans something more tangible for their money. That's why there are Google ads and affiliate links to Amazon and Funtonia etc. So now instead of just a few Paul Potts fans helping me with some donations, I have many contributing a small amounts as they support the Google ads, and buy through Amazon and Funtonia using the links on this site. I get small amounts of commission through occasional purchases, but it is enough for me to pay the bills and keep spending time on it. SINCERELY, THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!