It Was Nearly Just a Dream, Don’t Give Up Paul Potts!

Can you believe that Paul Potts, winner of ITV talent show Britain’s Got Talent and reduced the audience both in the studio and at home to silence then moved them to tears – nearly gave up? The show gave ITV 11 million viewers on average and made it the most successful show of the year so far in terms of viewing figures.

Paul Potts told Western Mail, “I wasn’t truly aware of the effect my voice can have on others so the reaction has been a surprise. It’s just incredible.”

30,000 worth of debts nearly drove Paul to abandon his dreams of becoming a professional opera singer. Now former the mobile phone salesman is set to become both an opera star and a millionaire. He even had second thoughts about submitting the audition application. He only did after he flipped a coin which decided his fate!

His 100,000 prize money for winning the show will be spent on new teeth – or at least replacing the cracked and damaged ones he already has.

Paul Potts, 36, won over the nation’s hearts and their dialing fingers with a performance of Nessun Dorma in the final of the hit ITV1 talent show, watched by 12.1 million viewers. The man who before he was a mobile phone salesman was a Tesco shelf-stacker from Port Talbot now gets to perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance.

Paul Potts has come an awfully long way from the days in Port Talbot when he was forced to quit work through ill health. Doctors treating him for appendicitis and removed a benign tumour, and he also broke his collarbone when he was hit by a car.

After that, life looked up a little when Paul Potts met a woman on the internet and married her in a whirlwind romance. Now he wants to treat her to “a nice holiday, maybe

He said, “It’s been a great privilege to be on the show and to be with everybody on it. There are many people in Britain that don’t have this great opportunity that I’ve had and I’m so fortunate to have it.”

“I’ve been singing for myself. I wasn’t doing it to earn money. It was something that I was doing for me. It was just a passion, I hope that comes across.”

It certainly does if audience reactions are anything to go by!

Pointing to his chest, Paul Potts said, “I really do feel it here.”

Maybe that’s why the audiences find Paul Potts’ singing so emotive.

He added, “I’m an ordinary bloke who just loves singing.”

There’s nothing ordinary about Paul Potts’ singing – how lucky we all are that he didn’t give up when he feared his dream would come true. That ought to be a lesson to us all.