Paul Potts And His Whirlwind Romance

Don’t worry, Paul Potts, winner of Britain’s Got Talent hasn’t gone crazy and let fame got to his head. I’m talking about the whirlwind romance he had with his now wife – Julie-Ann, 27. Within a year of meeting her in an internet chat-room, Paul Potts had swept the girl off her feet and married her.

He may have won the hearts of the nation with his extraordinary voice as he triumphed on Britain's Got Talent but his heart belongs to Julie-Ann and next on their agenda is children – now they can afford them with the 100,000 cash prize Paul Potts bagged and the record deal which should see him becoming a millionaire.

Julie-Ann, Paul Potts freely admits, turned his life around. She told the Mirror, "We met on the internet and just clicked, if you'll excuse the pun. It was like speaking to a friend."

The couple swapped messages for weeks then exchanged photos before meeting one weekend five years ago. The rest, as they say – is history. The couple hit it off so well that within a year they were married. Their first date was ten-pin bowling and had a seaside walk in Mumbles.

Julie-Ann said in her interview with The Mirror, “There was an attraction between us. He was exactly the way he was in the chatroom. I thought he was very attractive and it just went from there.”

"It was quite a short engagement. We were staying at a Travel Inn hotel in Bristol on Christmas Eve when Paul presented me with an engagement ring. I was so thrilled - how can you top that for a Christmas present?" a clearly loved-up Julie-Ann told the Mirror.

Julie-Ann sees what many of us see but which perhaps Paul Potts can’t believe – that "he's sweet and sensitive".

The couple, who live in a modest terraced house in Port Talbot, South Wales, laugh a lot together, which is good, especially as they might not have had a lot to laugh about, racking up 30,000 of debt so Paul Potts could have a chance at his childhood ambition of becoming a singer but Julie-Ann insists in her Mirror interview,

 "I've never been one for possessions. My dream is to be mortgage and bill-free and just to be able to do the day-to-day stuff without having to struggle and worry. I've always been used to setting aside money to pay this bill and that bill and it would be wonderful not to have to do that any more.”

The couple are happy where they live now and have no plans to move – but they may splash out on some new clothes and a weekend in the Lake District. Paul Potts certainly knows how to enjoy life – with the girl – and the career – of his dreams.