Paul Hits the Jack-Potts! Will He Go Back To His Job Selling Phones?

The last couple of weeks since winning Britain’s Got Talent have been quite a whirlwind for Paul Potts. Now he’s in the studio recording his very first album, 'One Chance'. It was the Sunday Mirror newspaper which Paul invited into the recording studio for an exclusive interview.

The former mobile phone salesman, Paul Potts, 36, had just flown in from New York to record his debut album after signing a 1million record deal with Simon Cowell which will see the amazing classical tenor release records in fifteen countries worldwide.

Paul Potts isn’t hanging around twiddling his thumbs and reveling in his victory, either. With so many fans eager to get their hands on the album and hear those haunting romantic tones again, the album is scheduled for release on July 11.

Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts is an old softy at heart and he admits to getting emotional when he sings one of the album’s songs, - a song version of Cavatina - the tune from Robert De Niro movie The Deer Hunter – which Paul is dedicating it to his wife of four years, Julie-Ann.

At a secret Surrey studio, he revealed to The Mirror,  "Cavatina is for my wife who has stuck by me through all the hard times when we were barely surviving on our wages. I'd reached rock bottom and was hardly even singing. So this is a big day for us both."

It was just three weeks ago that Paul sold his last mobile phone - earning himself 1.50 in commission - working at the Carphone Warehouse. Paul was due back in last week, but had to contact his boss to say he's too busy. He hasn’t handed in his notice yet, though – just in case this singing career doesn’t take off. You see, Paul Potts can’t quite believe it’s all happening to him – still!

He told The Mirror: "I keep expecting someone to wake me up and say I'm late for work. But this is my new job. I am now a professional singer. That's what I gave as my occupation when I went through immigration in America."

No doubt Carphone Warehouse is delighted with all the publicity Paul Potts has generated for them. He’s keeping his hand in at the job too, fixing the ring-tone on his driver’s phone as he was driven into the recording studio.

He said: "I got a jokey email from the chief executive asking why I haven't told them to stick their job yet. But I haven't had the nerve to hand in my notice. I worry I'll need the job back. They say, 'Don't pee in the pot as you never know when you're going to need to drink from it again'.

"I could go back to a normal job tomorrow, no problem. I'm not afraid of graft - it's all I've ever known."

That kind of self-effacing modesty just endears Paul to his public and keeps them coming back for more. This first record deal alone should see Paul Potts become a millionaire – I don’t think he’ll be needing that Carphone warehouse job again.

The choice of album tracks is a mixture of Paul Potts’ favourite big songs from musicals and opera:


Well we know know that the mix ended up a little differently, but all of the popular favourite are there in the finished 'One Chance' album.

For most of his fans, Paul Potts could sing the weather forecast and we’d listen enrapt – but with that line up of songs and Paul’s beautiful, soulful tenor voice, the album is set to be a sure-fire hit. Get your notice handed in, Paul!