‘A Helluva Ride’- But No Free Lunch for Paul Potts

Britain’s newest classical singing sensation, Paul Potts, winner of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent is having a bit of a rough ride lately. It as been ‘discovered’ that Paul has had classical training, has sung for Pavarotti and has sung in operas before.

So what?

Many performers will tell you it takes years to become an overnight success. Paul Potts knows that well. He’s living his dream, but it didn’t come easy. In fact, he’s living many people’s dream – perhaps that’s why so many are keen to indulge in the favourite British pastime – the put-down.

Paul Potts wowed the judges – and you know already that Simon Cowell’s not easy to wow! You could see the eye-roll from twenty paces as Paul Potts shambled into the audition room without an ounce of self-confidence and nervously announced he was to sing some opera. Then he opened his mouth – and we all listened. Not with sneers, not with a passing interest in a curio – but with admiration for the pure talent that Paul Potts possessed. This boy’s certainly got soul – and a romantic one at that!

This was Paul Potts’ big chance to show the world what he was made of – and boy did he show us! He truly became a world-wide sensation when his YouTube clip got over a million hits.

Speaking to The Observer, the singer denied allegations that he was a professional singer.

'I have never worked as a professional singer. I have poured everything I could earn into a few lessons, but everyone taking part in this television show has had some training,' he said yesterday.

Too right they have – most of them anyway. Do you think that children’s dance routine’s spring out of nowhere – or do you think perhaps a professional – paid – dance teacher may have had just a teensy little hand in it?

What Paul Potts did was buy singing lessons. He was so good on one course he was asked to sing for Pavarotti – a great honour, but unpaid – the same as his appearances with operatic societies have been unpaid.

'It has been a helluva ride, “ Paul Potts told the Observer.

His former singing teacher, Ian Comboy, told The Observer he regards Paul Potts's voice as 'amazingly authentic'.

We all recognized that talent and that’s why those of us who wanted to – voted for him. If we thought he’d never had a singing lesson in his life and that that breathing technique and pitch-perfect performance came without work, then more fool us. Doesn’t it mean MORE knowing that Paul Potts had to strive for it?.