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Paul Potts has literally taken the world by storm! Since his astounding first audition on Britain’s Got Talent, his humble nature and awesome talent has inspired many. He pulled on the heart strings of viewers who have enjoyed seeing someone overcome self confidence issues and adversity to fulfill a life-long dream.

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The rise and rise of Paul Potts

From the Britain's Got Talent Audition in Cardiff to performing at the Rockefeller Centre in New York City!

 Before:                                                 After:

Why is Paul Famous? The First Audition.....
Paul’s first audition is and will remain most people’s favourite. This is what moves people. Click on the YouTube video below to see why. The Paul Potts Youtube video starts off by giving a brief profile of a humble, un-assuming mobile phone salesman from South Wales. As Paul Potts walked on the stage and spoke to Amanda Holden, no one gave him a chance. Perhaps it was that cheap Tesco (supermarket) suit he was wearing?! Amanda asked: “Paul, what are you here for today Paul?” Paul replied: “To sing opera”, looking at them with nervous puppy dog face, almost apologetically. Piers Morgan raised his eyebrows and looked at Simon Cowell who sighed, and then said: “OK, ready when you are”, who then looked down un-impressed.

And Then Paul Sang Nessun Dorma.....
As the music started and Paul waited for his first line, the audience and judges sat wondering what was going to happen next. Well, the rest is History. Paul Potts BLEW THE AUDIENCE AND JUDGES AWAY with a condensed version of Giacomo Puccini's "Nessun Dorma". The standing ovation from the audience was then summed up by Simon Cowell: “I wasn’t expecting that Paul!” You can certainly see why it is one of the most watched videos on YouTube! Over 15 million people have watched this Paul Potts youtube video, one of the most watched of all time!

Semi Final Performance - Paul Potts sings 'Time to say Goodbye' (Con Te Partiro) »


Grand Final Winning Performance - Paul Potts sings full version of Nessun Dorma »

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And the Britain’s Got Talent winner is…Paul Potts!!!

Paul Potts. Everyman’s Pavarotti. We all hoped he’d do it – and he did.

You could cut the tension with a knife as the nation waited in anticipation for Ant and Dec (that’s Dec – always on the right) to announce the winner of “Britain’s Got Talent’ 2007. There could be only one winner, and from the moment Paul belted out THAT note at the end of a truly great performance of Nessum Dorma– after winning our hearts with his modest, shy demeanour – Paul Potts was OUR winner.  Read More About Paul Potts »



‘A Helluva Ride’- But No Free Lunch for Paul Potts

Britain’s newest classical singing sensation, Paul Potts, winner of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent is having a bit of a rough ride lately. It as been ‘discovered’ that Paul has had classical training, has sung for Pavarotti and has sung in operas before.  Read More About Paul Potts »


Paul Potts is UK’s Most Wanted

Fame has come at last to Paul Potts. Let’s hope that good fortune follows close behind. Paul Potts certainly deserves it and it’s been a long time coming. He may have worked hard for more than ten years to learn his art and try to get it recognized by opera bosses, but surely the future of Paul Potts is assured now.  Read More About Paul Potts »

Paul Hits the Jack-Potts! Will He Go Back To His Job Selling Phones?

The last couple of weeks since winning Britain’s Got Talent have been quite a whirlwind for Paul Potts. Now he’s in the studio recording his very first album, 'One Chance'. It was the Sunday Mirror newspaper which Paul invited into the recording studio for an exclusive interview. Read More About Paul Potts »

Paul Potts And His Whirlwind Romance

Don’t worry, Paul Potts, winner of Britain’s Got Talent hasn’t gone crazy and let fame got to his head. I’m talking about the whirlwind romance he had with his now wife – Julie-Ann, 27.  Read More About Paul Potts »

If They Could See Me Now, the Paul Potts Saga

I wonder what the bullies who made school-life hell for Britain’s Got Talent winner, Paul Potts, think when they see him now? I hope they were watching when Paul wowed us all with his powerful and emotional performance that was also pitch-perfect? Read More About Paul Potts »

It Was Nearly Just a Dream, Don’t Give Up Paul Potts!

Can you believe that Paul Potts, winner of ITV talent show Britain’s Got Talent and reduced the audience both in the studio and at home to silence then moved them to tears – nearly gave up? The show gave ITV 11 million viewers on average and made it the most successful show of the year so far in terms of viewing figures. Read More About Paul Potts » has teamed up with Eco Friendly to provide you with some Sustainable Living Tips & Hints.

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